Inmood Switch Vape Replacement Pod – 5000 Puffs – 16mg/ml & 13.5mg/ml Nicotine

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Inmood Switch Disposable Vape – Flavor Pod

This flavor pod can be used with Inmood Swtich Disposbale Vape device as flavor replacement pod. Now available in 40mg Nicotine Salt (20mg/ml Nicotine Concentration) & 20mg Nicotine Salt (10mg/ml Nicotine Concentration).

Please note that all flavours listed have an icy finish with it. 

Available Flavors:

Cranberry Grape: A scintillating combination of berrylicious cranberry packed with tropical grapes makes this flavor easily a people’s favorite. 

Strawberry Kiwi: When two delicious flavours come together, it often gives you a mind blowing flavour! This one’s not an exception. 

Pink Lemonade: Ring Ring! It’s summer time yo! Tangy lemonade flavor mixed with berries is all set to give you a flavour that’d remind you of summer all year long.

Pasionfruit Guava: Unique. If we had to describe this flavour in a word. Unique in the way it tastes, unique in the way it hits you. Ah, it’s better to experience than to explain about this flavour. 

Lush Ice: Let the ice do it’s magic in you! Classic combination of mint mixed with ice gives you quite literally a cool flavor to relish.

Mango Peach: Yummiest of two fruits. Came together, got together and gave out a flavour that’s gonna last for ages. Its unbelievably delicious and it’s flavor reminisces in you for long enough!

Strawberry Banana: Delicious mix of yummy banana with strawberries resulting in this flavour that’s going to win many hearts!

Peach Blueberry: Tropical mix of blueberry with delicous peach delivers a flavour that’s long lasting and yummy every single time.

Peach Pineapple Lime: A perfect combination of sweet and tanginess. This unique yet scintillating flavour is sure to keep you hooked on to it!

Blueberry Ice: Delicous flavour of blueberry mixed with a dash of ice to deliver an amazing flavour!

Sour Apple: One of the top-sellers in the list! A delicious mix of sour apples creating a flavour that is too hard to miss out!

Pineapple Ice: Savour the experience of a real pineapple right from the moment you open the box! Pineapple with ice. Good flavour? Absolutely!

Golden Tobacco: A rich flavour of tobacco that will instantly urge you to say no cigarettes!

Menthol Ice: A refreshing taste of menthol and ice!

Lemon Mint: Another must-try in the list! Refreshing combo of lemon with mint! Simply irresistable. 

Mixed Berries: Imagine the goodness of mixed berries in every puff! That’s what this delightful flavour would do, everytime!

Lychee Ice: Yummy, juicy lychies mixed with ice to give out an extravagantly delicious flavour! 

Cola Ice: World’s favourite drink! We took a frozen glass with some ice and poured fresh fizzy cola over it! Little did we know it became a flavour that will drive you crazy!

Peach Lemonade: A perfect summer time flavour! Fresh & ripe georgian peaches mixed with fresh, cola lemonade to deliver a flavour that’s slightly tarty at the first and leaves you with subtle sweety notes on the exhale. 

Kiwi Pineapple Ice: Ripe, juicy NZ Kiwi’s mixed with fresh slices of Pineapple and mixed with ice gives a very nostalgic taste that’s tangy, icy and simply perfect!

Blackberry: Wild Asian blackberries taken from the depths of tropical forests mixed with a tinge of ice has a flavour which is a balance of sweetness and tartiness.

Blueberry Cherry: A harmonious combination of fresh blueberries with sweet cherries and ice which is pleasant in every exhale!

Raspberry Grape: Wild raspberries with juicy tangy purple grapes put on top with ice gives a sharp tarty inhale with middle notes of grape and an icy exhale.

Banana: Plumpy ripe yellow bananas mashed together with generous amounts of ice gives a sweet, cold smoothie in your palms!

Tea: Tea time folks! Imagine having a fresh cup of rejuvenating jasmine tea, that’s exactly all about this flavour!


Puffs – 5000 Puffs

Available in 20mg/ml Nicotine (40mg/ml Nicotine Salt) & 10mg/ml Nicotine (20mg/ml Nicotine Salt)

Coil – 1.2 Ohm Mesh

E-juice – 13.5 ml


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  1. Shannon (verified owner)

    Gread pods, long lasting, good flavour, no leaks. Peach pineapple lime is such a great flavour, fruity and tastes like Raro.

  2. Simon (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, easy website to use, great product!

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