Australian Nicotine Prescriptions & Import Laws

Australia has introduced new vaping reforms Since 1st March 2024 year. The first stage introduces strict import controls on all vapes. From 1 March 2024 Australians will no longer be able to personally import ANY vape products, even with a prescription (this is in addition to the import ban of disposables vapes which began on 1 January).
1 March – ban on the personal importation of ALL vape products
From 1 March 2024, the importation of ALL vapes under the Personal Importation Scheme will end.

This means Australian customers will no longer be able to import ANY vape products purchased directly from overseas suppliers like Vapeys, even if they have a nicotine prescription. This is a serious change that will have a negative impact on all of our Australian customers.

For more detailed information on Australia's vaping reforms, you can visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website. The TGA is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods, including nicotine products, in Australia. Their website should provide comprehensive information on the regulations, guidelines, and any updates regarding vaping products. You can access the TGA website at for the latest updates and resources related to vaping reforms and regulations in Australia.
IQOS Tobacco Heets products (Heat Not Burn) will need both an tobacco import permit obtained from ABF and a vape import licence from TGA.
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