Order Issues

How to change or modify your billing address

When you check out, it has an “Edit" button. But it will only work at the first time checkout. If you have paid, then there's no need to change the billing address, as we'll just ship the order to the shipping address.

Can I cancel my order?

Generally, unpaid or unshipped orders can be cancelled via “My orders". Once you've received the shipping notification mail, the order CANNOT be canceled. Don't hesitate to contact us for help.

How to check my order status

Once you placed the order, you’ll receive the order confirmation via email followed by a courier tracking number/ link once your order is processed. Be sure to check your email’s junk/ spam folder.

Can I change or modify my order?

Shipping address can be modified before shipment.

For your attention please:

the logistics courier will not support the modification once it has been shipped, since it will have been mixed in with a tremendous amount of packages.

Why I did not get a confirmed email about my order?

Normally, you will receive the confirmation email within 24 hours, after payment is completed. We recommend checking your Junk or Spam mail folder as well. 🙂

How do I change my shipping address once my order is placed?

Shipping address can be modified before shipment.

For your attention please:

Usually we won't allow to you to modify your address once the order has been shipped out. We suggest you contact the courier first, also you can find our manual service for help.

Payment & Promos

What kind of payment methods do you have?

We use all major credit cards, debit cards and A2A online bank transfers, laybuy, apple pay, and google pay. If you’re doing a manual bank transfer, please ensure you include your order number as the payment reference. Also, email us through the payment confirmation screenshot to speed up the order processing.

Why do I need to verify my payment on my order?

This is only applicable when you do a manual bank transfer, we need to see the payment confirmation before shipping your order.

Why am I still being charged shipping for big orders?

We do free shipping across New Zealand for orders above $60/Australia $144. Iqos & shisha products are prohibited to be shipped via standard mail. Hence there will be a variable courier fee depending on the destination shipping.

Returns & Refunds

How can I return items?

We're sorry our items did not meet your expectations. No worries, we can accept a return within 30 days of receipt for most items in new condition.

Can I return partial items from my order?

Yes, we accept to return partial items from your one order. You can check our 'Shipping and Returns' page for more information.

Note: We can only accept a return within 30 days of receipt for most items in new condition. E-Liquids cannot be exchanged.

What is your return policy?

We will accept return within 30 days of receipt for most items in new condition.

Also note that following items cannot be returned or exchanged: E-Liquids

What if I received a wrong item?

If you received the wrong, or damaged, or defective products, please follow these steps within 30 days of placing your order:

1) Locate the order in 'My orders'. Click the 'Return Item' button.

2) Select the item(s) you want to return, indicate the reason, include a photo showing damages and defects, and submit.

3) We will process your request and provide you with a refund. If you prefer exchanging or reshipping the correct one, please contact our agents for help.

Why is my item missing?

As we currently ship from various warehouses, there may be items that are in stock at different facilities. In this case, your order will be shipped out via separate packages. To confirm, please check the order details via 'My orders'.

If your order is shown to have been shipped out in one package, and you only receive part of the set you ordered, please contact our manual service for assistance.

I cannot find my refund

For an original payment refund, please check in your payment account. If you still cannot find your refund, please contact us for more help.

What is the status of my return or exchange?

Returns/exchanges are processed within 5 business days after we receive your package. It's an estimated time frame to accommodate for the current situation. It will be processed faster in most cases.

For a refund, It will reflect in your account depending on the refund method you selected. For an exchange, it can be checked or tracked via “My orders".

I want to refund to my account.

The refund path can be altered before a refund is initiated.

How long does it take for the refund to be processed?

It depends heavily on the refund method that you choose.

Can I get full refund for the return?

We will offer a full refund on all items you returned, excluding the shipping fee and unreturnable items.

My refund amount is incorrect.

We'll issue refunds for the items only, other fees like the original shipping fee and the shipping guarantee are non-refundable. The refund should be the actual price you paid. For more information, please contact our team for help.

What if I received an item not as described?

Thanks for ordering from VAPEYS. We do apologize that your ordered items did not live up to your expectations. We can provide return/proper solution to help remedy the situation.

 Note: Pictures and product names are requested when you contact an agent.

What if I received a defective item?

Thanks for ordering from VAPEYS. We do apologize if received a defective item. We can provide return/proper solution to help fix the situation.

Note: Pictures and product names are requested when you contact an agent.


Where is my order?

If there are no updates on the tracking page after your order is shipped out, the reason is due to your order being sent from our overseas warehouses. Parcels need to arrive in New Zealand by plane from overseas before the local shipping company can pick them up for the couriers to collect and scan. Only then, will the website update the tracking number.

Please give some time for the courier to update the latest tracking info after reaching the next station. We hope you receive your package soon and you love your wonderful purchases.

Note: Tracking details can be found in “My Orders".

What is the shipping time?

Normally it will take 2~4 days to prepare the items. After the order gets shipped out, it will usually take 18-22 working days to be delivered to you.

For more information please refer to our 'Shipping and Returns' page.

 Note: Delivery time= Processing time + Shipping time

How much does it cost to my country?

Shipping charge is dependent on which country you want to ship to. In this special period, due to the shortage of logistics resources and the increasing International shipping costs, our freight rates have also changed. We hope you can understand.

For more information, please refer to our 'Shipping and Returns' page.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Normally it will take 2 days to prepare an order. Once it has been shipped out, we will email you about tracking number with a tracking link.  For more info, you can check your order status via “My orders". Thank you for your understanding.

Can you ship to my country?

Yes we do shipping to overseas, for more info you can check manually with our team.

How long will the order take to arrive?

Hi, normally it will take 1~3 days to prepare the items. After the order has been shipped out, it usually takes 2 days if it's within New Zealand, if overseas, 11~33 days.

For more details, please refer to our 'Shipping and Returns' page.

Note: Delivery time= Processing time + Shipping time

Why didn't I get an email about my order being shipped?

It would be better to check the order status first to see whether your order has been shipped out. Normally, an email will be send to you after the order is shipped. It contains the tracking number and tracking link.

We recommend checking your Junk/Spam mail folder as well. 🙂

Can I receive my order before a certain time?

Please kindly note that your orders need a minimum of 2 days for processing before being shipped out. After that, it takes another days to be delivered. Although we strive to provide the quickest delivery, we can not guarantee an exact date of delivery, only an approximation.

Why isn't the tracking being updated?

Your order will be processed within 24 hours of placement. Once your order is picked up, you’ll receive a tracking number through the email you supplied us. Please ensure you check your junk or spam folders of the mail just in case. Your order status will be automatically updated as soon the courier driver scans your parcel. Very rarely there may be a delay in updating the status due to a glitch. In such cases contact your courier company or get in touch with one of our friendly teams.

Why does the tracking service show that the package has been delivered, but I did not receive anything?

Packages might be delivered to your mail box or signed for by your family or neighbors. Check with them first, before contacting the shipping courier with your tracking number.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.

Why is my order delayed?

Usually it takes a minimum 2 days to prepare your items first. Our overseas shipment will take some time to pass through customs. During this period, it may have no updating for shipping.

Due to the influence of global events, total delivery comes into more than 10-15 days. You can contact us for more tracking information if needed. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Why was my package declined by customs?

Please get in touch with our customer service team with any details you have been provided with. We'll help you in any way we can.


How to add new shipping address to my account?

You can new shipping address through My account > Address.

How to unsubscribe your promotion emails?

It has an “unsubscribe" button at the bottom of promotion email. If it does not work, you can contact us with your email address and our customer service representative will help you.

How to delete my card info?

Vapeys Vapestore doesn’t store your card information.

Why can’t I log into my account?

Make sure you are using correct email address , password and login method. If you forgot your password, use the button “Forgot Your Password” on login page. Also if you have forgotten the email associated with your account, you can contact us for help.

Why do we sign you up for an online account?

All the information regarding your orders will be sent through the mail. And every time you purchase you earn points that could be used later. For these reasons, having your account with us makes it handy.

How do I change details of my account?

You can modify your account information through My account tab on the top right of the screen.

I can't find my order in my account

In most of the cases this might be a temporary online glitch that could be rectified by refreshing or re-logging into your account. If the problem persists, you can mail us the concern or contact the online chat anytime.

How to edit or reset my password?

You can reset your password through My account > Account details > Password change.

Loyalty Points

How do I earn Vapeys Reward Points?

Sign-Up Bonus: When you sign up for a new account, you receive 200 Vapeys reward points, which are equivalent to $2. This is accumulated to your account and redeemable at checkout.

Refer Your Friends Program:

Customer Referral: All our existing customers are encouraged to refer their friends to our platform. You can do this by sharing a referral link with your friends. You will see this shareable link under My Accounts > Points section, if you have signed and logged in to your account with.

Reward for Referrer: When an existing customer successfully refers a friend and the friend makes a purchase or takes some specified action, the referrer (existing customer) is rewarded with 350 loyalty points. These points can be used for discounts or other benefits.

Reward for Referred Friend: The friend who is referred also receives 350 Vapeys reward points upon joining or making their first purchase on our platform.

Purchase-based Earning: You can earn Vapeys reward points based on the value of each purchases. Earning points per dollar spent would depend on the specific terms and conditions of our reward program. This differs for each product and is displayed on the product listing page, besides the name of the product.

Accessing Reward Points:
You can log in to our account on our platform and navigate to the “My Account" section.
Points Information: Within the “My Account" section, you can easily find a dedicated tab or page labeled as “Points." Clicking on this tab/page will take you to a page that displays the Vapeys reward points balance and any relevant details about the points history, such as when you earned or redeemed points.

Another way to access the Vapeys reward points balance information is when you add products to the cart and proceed to check out, the total number of loyalty points you have earned is prominently displayed at the top of the purchase summary. This information is highlighted in blue to make it easily noticeable.

How to redeem my loyalty points?

Redemption Option: There is an “Action Button" labeled as “Redeem Points" that allows you to use your accumulated Vapeys reward points to offset the purchase cost. This button likely triggers the redemption process, allowing you to choose how many points you want to apply to the current purchase.

Conditions for Redemption: It’s important to note that you will only see the “Redeem Points" option if you have reward points available in your account. Additionally, if the Vapeys reward points have expired, you won’t see this option. Reward points are set to expire 90 days from each accumulation.

Can I transfer my online loyalty points to in store purchases vice-versa?

We have a separate loyalty point systems for online and in-store purchases, and they cannot be transferred or combined. This separation ensures that each channel can manage its loyalty program independently and we cater to tailored needs of both customer segments.

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